Use PyPy3 on OpenShift

It's well known that Pypy works better than CPython in some particular situation.However,it's hard to use it in OpenShift.

I've suffered a lot to make it work on OpenShift.Here is the way.

First,create a diy app in OpenShift.

Second,visit and download a version that you need to your web host.

Third´╝îadd a "start" and a "stop" file in the .openshift/action_hooks/ directory in your app root."start" will be execused when the app starts,and "stop" when the app stops.Add your code in the app dir.

Make sure you have bound your app to the right ip and port.Get them using the following command:

env | grep IP

env | grep PORT

Deploy the app.It works.

There are a lot of details to be added in this post.I will update them in the future.